My Praluent Coach offers information and support for people who have been prescribed Praluent.

The information provided on My Praluent Coach website will also help you understand more about ‘bad’ cholesterol and how it can affect your life. You’ll also find answers to common practical questions about Praluent, including:

What it is and how it works
Simple step-by-step instructions on how to use it

Please keep in mind that this website isn’t designed to replace specific medical advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional.
If you have questions about your condition or treatment, please speak with a member of your healthcare team.

Where do I find my ‘access code’?

Last 4 digits of barcode

The barcode is used to verify your prescription, it is not used to gather any personal information about you.

Why is it locked?

The information presented in My Praluent Coach is specific to Praluent and may not be relevant to you if you have not been prescribed Praluent. This part of the website is locked to ensure that you are only connected to information that will be beneficial for your cholesterol management.